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Funniest Videos

Funny videos have become as American as baseball and apple pie.  You can’t login to Facebook or Myspace without seeing several funny videos posted that day by your friends or relatives.  It seems everyone is trying to post the funniest videos.  With the ease in communication and social networking, funny videos go viral and spread like wildfire.  It’s amazing what people catch on camera.  Not to mention all the creative minds filming things that are meant to be funny.

It all started back at the end of the 80’s, November 26, 1989 to be exact, when America’s Funniest Home Videos first aired on ABC.  It was a program where viewers from home sent in funny videos that they had taped.  A lot of the videos were slapstick physical comedy that happened because of accidents and or mishaps.  Pets and children were also a popular topic.  The show did well, so it turned into a weekly series starting in 1990.  It has been going ever since, 21 seasons and counting.

In February of 2005 three former PayPal employees started a video-sharing website called YouTube and totally changed the way we share videos.  Now everybody could share their funnies videos with the world.  No more sending them in to shows and programs hoping they would get picked.  And with the internet as popular as it is, quite often people’s funny videos would go viral, meaning that they spread like wildfire across the net as people share them with their friends and then they share them with their friends and so on until millions of people have seen them.

Funny videos are definitely here to stay, so find one and share it.  Make someone smile!


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